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FACT: Maintenance costs are going up faster than ever!

Statistics show that maintenance fees are rising an average of 12% per year!

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FICTION: Timeshares are a quality Investment.

You would be lucky to get one cent back for your timeshare, if it sold at all!

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FACT: Timeshare sales are down about 45%.

In the USA some resort companys have reported up to a 51% loss in sales since 2009!

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FICTION: Traveling with a timeshare is cheaper.

In fact it costs the average timeshare owner up to 5 times more to travel!

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Rhonda from texas

In dealing with STEP ZERO I am not able to say enough wonderful things about this great company !!

I have been nothing but happy with what has been done thus far to relieve me of this fiasco of a decision I made to purchase a timeshare !! STEP ZERO is number one in my book !!

Thanks again for all your help !!!!

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JT from florida

I was so relieved to find a group that said what they meant and did what they said. STEP ZERO was as advertised! It truly was simple. My wife and I met with them once. That was all it took. Believe me, after spending over $20,000 with our EX-timeshare company I wanted more than a hand-shake deal. I got it too, in writing with a 100% money back guarantee that they would follow thru. 57 days later we were timeshare free!!!! Thank You Chad- and STEP ZERO so much. One of the smartest decisions we've ever made!!

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